South Liquor Mart (SLM) and the John Thomas Fund have teamed up to bring a bit of warmth this season. From feasts with friends and family to chilly, quiet evenings - we've got you covered with the TLC Wine Case. You might have heard - the best things in life are often the most simple. That's definitely true of the TLC Wine Case, which give you access to a supply of great wines — from the U.S. and around the world — with no effort required. Whether you choose all red, all white or an even mix, you'll enjoy 12 delicious new finds — with expert tasting notes and serving advice to help you get the most from each bottle. Each wine goes for $15 or more and we've hand selected them for your enjoyment.

Choose from all reds, whites or a mixed combo of red/white. Our dedicated wine managers will hand select 12 excellent wines featured on our website.

Treat yourself or give the TLC Wine Case as a gift and the John Thomas Fund will receive 20% of every case sale.

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